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ABSOLUTE ZERO is all about songs, with words and music by guitarist-composer Johnny Alegre. As an indie band that distinguishes itself from the musical structures and styles identified with Alegre's previous work in Jazz and World Fusion, "ABSOLUTE ZERO: THE GROUP" is a fresh departure and attests to the vibrancy of the popular song form (in capable hands) as an enduring artistic expression.

HISTORY: The group's working configuration features Mia Tengco on vocals and rhythm guitar, Gareth Somers on bass, and Paolo Manuel on drums.

The band traces its origins to 2008 from the Johnny Alegre Trio with bassist Dondi Ledesma (from the groups, Juan Dela Cruz and Two Chilekings) and drummer Paolo Manuel (from various groups, including Salindiwa) that played "free rock", mostly at Cafe SaGuijo (produced by Sneakernet) and Cafe Ponticello (produced by MusicLokal). Alegre's prior recorded work for Candid Records (as "Johnny Alegre AFFINITY") provided the trio the much-needed leverage to perform across a diversified audience of jazz and rock aficionados. Dondi Ledesma's terminal illness in February 2009 brought the group to a halt; until a reconstituted Johnny Alegre Group was assembled with the entry of bassist Gareth Somers (from the group, Novus Luna), together with singer-songwriter-guitarist Kris Dancel (from various Philippine rock groups, including Fatal Posporos, Duster and Cambio), for the "TikTok" climate action advocacy concert (co-organized by Oxfam UK and Dakila Philippines) in late 2009.

Then, in February of 2010, with singer-guitarist Mia Tengco (from the group, Wake Up Your Seatmate) taking her place as the fourth member, "mk-2" of the Johnny Alegre Group was premiered at the Philippine International Jazz Festival (PIJF). In the short weeks that followed, with considerable performances lined up, the name ABSOLUTE ZERO: THE GROUP [or simply, "Absolute Zero"] surfaced. This group was prominently featured once again in the 2011 PIJF as well as the "Japan For Japan" fundraiser concert for the casualties of the Fukoshima disaster; followed by a string of upscale events at the Oxford Suites "O" Lounge, the Salon De Ning of the Manila Peninsula and the Tap Room of the Manila Hotel.

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